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Shelf Life Explained

Best Served Refrigerated... 

We get asked daily can your cocktails last longer.

the simple answer is no... When creating small batch cocktails, we had the option to extend the life of the cocktails to 3 months - 1 year unfortunately this also comes with sacrifices.

If we chose a long shelf life, we would have to add preservatives and other ingredients which would only affect the taste.

Or chose not to use fresh ingredients! Again would not give our customers the experience of having the best fresh cocktails delivered to your doorstep.

 You either have to pick fresh or mass produced you simply can't have both.

 We feel the fresh option wins hands down, after taste testing various different options to extend the shelf life.

 The best option available to our customers to extend the shelf life without compromising the quality is to freeze them.

 They are good in the freezer for up to 3 months without the quality being affected.



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