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This is everything the title says! So what are you waiting for? Get the girls around and get pouring! Best served with laughter, chick flicks, and all the gossip!

Ingredients: Combining Vodka, Prosecco, Strawberry Purée, Lime, topped with soda. What are you waiting for?

Product Description

Bottle Size: 250ml

Alcohol Content: ABV 10%

Priced is based per bottle

Recommendation: Best served over ice or in the freezer for 1-2 hours to make a perfect slushy cocktail 

Additional Information: Best served with a side order of sweets, this will be provided subject to availability (this is a free added extra)

Recommendation: Best served over ice.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Michelle Lewis
Trying something new

These cocktails certainly packed a punch when it comes to taste and flavours.
You could taste the difference between each cocktail.

The only suggestion that I would have is for a small card for the cocktails that any sweets have been included so you know how to serve with the cocktail.
I would highly recommend this company over most of the other companies selling them as they are truly value for your money.

The only thing that was a let down was that I used each bottle as a single serving as I didn’t feel the 250 mls would serve two people as a drink. It as they were a treat purchased for a weekend d sway I didn’t feel that it spoiled our weekend so I still rated this as a five.

Suzanne Mcknight

Was really excited to receive this as a treat for my 40th birthday that I ordered for myself. However I was disappointed that the sweets/lollies that were meant to come with each cocktail didn't arrive, and also a lot of the labels weren't in good condition, so I couldn't identify all the ingredients or names of the cocktails. The taste thankfully was good and you could taste that they were pretty strong, but to say that each 250ml bottle is 2 servings is not really what I would say, barely filled one of my cocktail glasses to be honest, so I ended up diluting them by adding extra mixers, which again is disappointing. When I mentioned the missing sweets and labels to the company Facebook page, I was just offered extra sweets in my next order, which I said I'm not sure I would order again as they were bought as a treat as it was my 40th birthday.

Karen Donald
Cheeky cocktails

Omg the cocktails were amazing. Would highly recommend. The service was fast and 1st class

Lisa G
Love them

Bought these for girls get together in the garden. They were perfect, tasty and perfect amount in each bottle. Will be definitely ordering more.

Mary Snaddon

I ordered these and had some sent to my best friend and we had a zoom girlie catch up 500 miles apart. Fantastic value.


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